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2004 Statewide Supported Employment Conference
Kaleidscope of Change                      Coloring the World of Work

2004 Wisconsin Annual Supported Employment Conference
October 20, 21 & 22
Olympia Resort and Conference Center, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin   

Wednesday, October 20

7:30 - 9:00 pm: Pre-session
We kick off the conference with Dr. Ron Diamond, Professor with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Diamond brings his unique perspective in working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and the value of work as part of the process of improving quality of life and recovery for these individuals.

Thursday, October 21

8:30-10:15 am: Opening Session
Welcome and comments from Roberta gassman, Wisconsin DWD
 Keynote by Denise BissonnetteAuthor of “Beyond Traditional Job Development - The Art of Creating Opportunity” and our opening Keynote for Thursday morning will also provide a full day of presentations.

10:15-10:45 am: Visit our exhibitors

10:45-12:00: Breakouts
1. Epilepsy 101 - This presentation with Art Taggert covers the frequency, causes and consequences of epilepsy. This session provides an introduction to basic definitions, seizure classifications, common seizure types and an opportunity to learn correct first aid and medical management of seizures.
2. Supporting the Growth of a Self-Advocate - Presenter Mark Sweet puts a focus on the natural progression and maturing of a person into a self-advocate and what interested individuals can do to help to encourage assertiveness and the importance of advocating for one's self.
3. Wisconsin's Approaching Workforce Changes - Terry Ludeman will examine and discuss changes in demand and supply of labor with an emphasis on demographic and economic changes past, present and future.
4. The Future of DVR and Supported Employment - Dr. Charlene Dwyer will discuss where the relationship between the states vocational agency and supported employment programs in general are headed. In partnership with people with disabilities, Dr. Dwyer has worked for many years as a systems change advocate.
5. Cultivating the Spirit of Work - In this interactive workshop Denise Bissonette will share job placement tools and techniques from her latest publication “Cultivating True Livelihood”.

12:00-1:45 pm: Lunch, Awards and Humorist Charlie Girsch
provides a noon lunch presentation with a humorous and inspiring approach to work and life itself.
2:00-3:00 pm: Breakouts #6-10

6. Employment and Epilepsy - Art Taggert outlines familial and societal responses to seizures followed by discussion of the barriers to successful employment real and perceived
7. No Pain No Gain - People First advocates provide a forum and discussion for systems change regarding pre-vocational programs and sheltered employment.
8. Impact of Assistive Technology on Employment - Sharon Hempel along with Starr Burke will share their approach to thinking outside of the box and how this creates positive impacts on employment for persons with disabilities.
9. The Effective DVR/CSP Collaboration - Jackie Nordbo and John Fuller will discuss strategies and techniques that can help lead to effective working relationships between DVR and Community Support Programs for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.
10. The Art of Creating Opportunity Part I - Denise Bissonette will share her tested and creative approaches to Job Development in part one of two sessions this afternoon.

3:00-3:15 pm: Break

3:15-4:30 pm: Breakouts #11-15
11. Medication, Effect and Performance - Kelly Bauman & Tanya Hannemann will discuss the effects of medications and how they may influence the job performance of individuals who live with chronic mental illness.
12. James Emmett - of the University of Illinois and Region V RECP shares his insight and approaches to promoting social skills workplace for individuals with Autism, Asperger and PPD issues.
13. Establishing a Business Advisory Council - Starr Burke and Sharon Hemple will explore how this may be the way to go. These councils are an important resource for marketing, events planning and for consumer and staff growth.
14. DVR, SEP and You Working Together - Kelly Ashebrook will discuss ways to make this person centered - team approach work for you.
15. The Art of Creating Opportunity Part II

4:45-? Pm: Social Event

Friday October 22

8:00-9:00 am: Breakfast and Speaker Bob Niemiec President of National APSE and an internationally known trainer and consultant will share new and tested approaches to Job Development.

9:45-1200: Breakouts #16 - 20
16. Facilitating Employment Success for Individuals with TBI- This extended learning session with Dr. Laura Owens and Dr. Donald Mickey will discuss practical applications of neuropsychological evaluations and their relationship to positive vocational outcomes for individuals with brain injury.
17. The Rumor Game -Daniel Schneider & Ben Martins - Provide an interactive experience in this DVR Windmills presentation.
18. Getting to Yes - Following his morning keynote Bob Niemiec will share his tested and creative approaches to Job Development and winning over potential business and employers to the idea of Supported Employment.
19. Social Security Administration Overview - Tony Bender with Bob Monahan and Holly Higgins Johnson present an extended session on Social Security work incentives and the value of benefits counseling for consumers new to Supported Employment.
20. Reinventing the Wheel ~ Moving Accessible Transportation Forward - Jeffery Sachse and Dixon Number of U.W. Milwaukee Center for Transportation will share their vast knowledge of systems, streams of future funding and innovative approaches to delivery of transportation services rural and metro.

Presenter Web Sites:
Charlie Girsch:
Denise Bissonette: www.diversityworl

For More information call 715-848-4338 or e-mail:

Kaleidoscope of Change - Coloring the World of Work
2004 Wisconsin Supported Employment conference
October 20-22, 2004
Olympia Resort & Conference Center
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 1-800-558-9573

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