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Welcome to the WI APSE web site

The Wisconsin Association for Persons in Supported Employment is a State Chapter Affiliate of the International Association for Persons in Supported Employment.

Membership in Wisconsin APSE is open to any interested member of APSE International. Members include professionals in the field of supported employment as well as consumers, parents, and other advocates.

The WI-APSE Board of Directors meets at least quarterly. All WI-APSE members, as well as interested guests, are welcome to attend. (See Calendar for details of meetings)

WI-APSE currently has three standing committees.
Collaboration: This committee works to assure that Wisconsin APSE works in unison with the various regions of the State and with other professional and advocacy organizations.

Communication: The duties of this committee include communicating with the membership about meetings, legislative and political developments, actions of the Board of Directors, and other issues and ideas pertinent to WI-APSE's mission.

Conference: The State Conference is one of the major events of Wisconsin APSE. This committee plans the annual conference which welcomes more than 200 consumers, professionals, exhibitors, and guests to a two day meeting featuring nationally known speakers. The conference also provides ample opportunity for participants to share time and experiences with one another. (See calendar for details on of this years conference).